Wednesday, December 8, 2021

2 Southeast States That Could Be At The Risk Of Having Their Internet Disconnected Amidst Insecurity

In order to tackle the growing spate of insecurity in Nigeria, the federal government is now taking every possible measure needed to mitigate insecurity in the country. Amongst other measures, the Nigerian government has adopted telecommunication disconnection as a means to efficiently fight insecurity.

Moreover, it will interest you to know that the Nigerian government had already shut down telecommunication services in a Northwestern state over insecurity issue

However, going by the fact that the southeast region is becoming overwhelmed by insecurity challenge that is being characterised by rampant killing of security operatives, burning of Police station, destruction of government facilities, and violent agitations in the region, there’s every indication that the region is gradually giving the federal government the same reasons why they blacked out internet services in Zamfara.

On this note, here are 2 suggestive Southeastern states that could be at risk of having their internet services disconnected amidst war against insecurity

Imo State

From prison break to rampant killing of police officers and destruction of police and government facilities, Imo state has been designated to be a home of terror.

In a statement he made earlier this month concerning Izombe Mayhem, Governor Uzodinma of Imo State had pinpointed that banditry, violence, kidnapping and other forms of crime and criminality have been on the increase in the state since the jail break in Owerri that saw criminals melted into the streets. This is a clear indication that Imo State is gradually becoming a den and home of criminal elements who could even be responsible for the terrible happenings in the whole of southeast region.


At this juncture, it is of no doubt that the security operatives in Imo State could be needing more critical measures that’ll help them to clamp down these criminal elements that are teaming up to terrorise the region. Therefore, there’s a little likelihood that the heightened insecurity in the state could call for an internet service shutdown, which will serve as a tactical measure to help the military in neutralizing those prison escapees that are teaming up as Unknown Gunmen to terrorize the region.

It is no longer news that a separatist group in the southeast region is planning to disrupt the forthcoming Anambra State governorship election. However, this separatist group is known to be using the social media as an instrument to mislead and incite southeastern people into going against the government. Therefore, there’s a likelihood that the internet activities of the separatist group could call for an internet service shutdown, which will serve as a measure to deter the separatist group from using the social media as a medium to cause a menace that could bring a disruption in the forthcoming election.


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