Tuesday, July 27, 2021

5 Laws About Quit Notice Every Nigerian Tenant Should Know

Every Nigerian tenant should know the tenancy law before moving into any property.

Landlord and tenant issues are numerous but when individuals are unable to gather resources to own a house, they are left with no option than to rent an apartment they can afford.

Overtime, lots of tenant have one or two things to say about their Landlords and the way they handle the affairs of their houses, some are good while others are not.

However some of these issues have been looked into by some state government who have modified some laws to suit both parties.

Nigerians who are tenants cry out almost on weekly basis about how they are being cheated by their landlords.  So many tenants do not know their rights and so, accept whatever conditions they are subjected to by greedy and manipulative landlords.

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These are five major laws all tenants should be aware of so no landlord takes advantage of them


If your tenancy is on a weekly basis, you are entitled to 7 days.

  1. Tenancy at will – 7 days
  2. Monthly tenancy – 1 month
  3. Quarterly tenancy – 3 months
  4. Half-yearly tenancy – 3 months
  5. Yearly tenancy – 6 months’ notice to quit


Regardless of the neighbourhood where a property is situated, the law is clear on what a landlord can and cannot do. Tenants have also being advised to consider hiring a real estate lawyer to protect their interest especially in cases where they are not sure.

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