Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Hold Your Fire, No Governor Was Elected To Divide Nigeria, Ganduje Cautions Colleagues

Amid controversy generated by Gover­nors of the north and southern Nigeria over power shift, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on Friday cautionedhis colleagues not to divide Nigeria on a subject that was purely in the exclusive list of political par­ties.

TheKanoStategovernor, ina speech to mark Nigeria@61 said he believes that Nigeria is a unit­ed and indivisible country and that our constitution has even taken care of that.

Ganduje explained that “I don’t see secession as the way out of the current challenges afflicting the nation. Instead, I recommend dialogue as a cru­cial option for addressing such problems.”

He stressed that “The recent problem between northern governors and southern gov­ernors as I earlier mentioned is unfortunate. Because a situa­tion whereby governors of one regionspeakuncomplimentary language to their colleagues in the other region is not civilised at all. There is no civilisation at all in that.”

Ganduje maintained that “The issues at stake are varied, some issues that can be resolved while some issues are political party issues.”

Speaking further on the con­tentious issue, the governor not­ed that “the constitution has not mentioned that power should shift from north to south, but it has been a tradition in the country to have power zoning. And this zoning is a strategy by a political party. Each party has to develop a strategy on how to win election.”

Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje posited that “if you think power shift will bring your votes to win elections, you have not offended the constitution. If you think you can retain leadership of this country forever and winelection, the constitution is not offended. So I thought this issue should be left to political parties to resolve. Not we as governors to have two opposing groups.”

He, therefore, called the chair­man of Nigerian Governors Fo­rum to “convene a meeting of the governors forum so that we apologise to each other for mak­ing uncomplimentary remarks on each other on an issue that is solely a politicalissue. Thatismy stand on that.”

Commenting on herdsmen crisis, Ganduje said “another issue that brought the dichoto­my is the issue of open grazing. Each state has the powers to make laws and there is diversity in each of these states. What is one problem to this state may not be a problem to another state. So states have the powers with their state assemblies to make laws. “

The governor lamented that “I have been saying it, is unfor­tunate that the issue of open grazing have brought a lot of controversies. Trekking from northern part of this country to the middle belt or central part of this country or to the south, tome it’s not acceptable. Because the children will not be able to have education, to me it is criminal.”

He queried “Will the educa­tion system follow them along with the routs from north to central to southern parts of this country? Can any educational system agreed with that? “

Dr. Ganduje revealed that some of these herdsmen are from West African countries, adding that “Because of climat­ic change they move down to northern parts of this country, to the Middle Belt and to the South with thousands of cattle and with arms. Should that be acceptable to Nigeria?”


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