Tuesday, July 27, 2021

How To Use SEO To Boost Your Brand Awareness

Search visibility plays a significant role in building an online brand. A well thought-out and carefully implemented SEO campaign can bring many benefits to a company.

When used effectively, SEO can help boost brand awareness.


Link building

Let’s start with something obvious. Building brand awareness is basically increasing the recognition and acknowledgment of a brand, right? Now, imagine the virtual sphere where SEO reigns. This is where strategic link building comes into play.

Using tactics like broken link building, creating infographics or participating actively social media communities can really help you build some strong links.

By getting some serious traction on places like Reddit, your brand awareness can go through the roof and naturally backlinks follow. In the end, both the branding and the SEO benefit organically. This is one of the goals of link building, at the end, gaining a bigger audience and building your brand.

Branding optimized content

Content marketing is one of the greatest ways of spreading the word about your company or brand. When SEO and branding are fused in the form of excellent content, enormous stopping power is created.

Reach the right people with long-tail keywords

Using long-tail keywords is like pitching directly to a small group of people who have a good chance of going for your product. Bear in mind that searches are primarily of four types:

  • Informational (not looking to buy, but gathering information and doing research for a certain product)
  • Commercial (looking to buy but has time on hands and would rather compare and contrast similar items, looking for the best)
  • Transactional ( out for the real deal- they are going to buy or subscribe, they need it NOW to complete a task)
  • Navigational (highly informed group who are specifically searching for a particular site or brand, they are more likely to go for the particular domain itself)

Long-tail keywords are lethal tools to bring the interested people right to your door. Target as many long-tail keywords as possible while writing your content and optimizing your site for SEO. You are more likely to reach groups of people who hold a higher degree of interest in your product.


Target niche audiences

Small business owners, take note. The more you niche down, the more chances you have of making a sale!

Social media is giving you the perfect platform to look for your audience Hunt down prospects and turn them into customers. But how? Smart keyword research.

Track them, follow their interests, see what they are looking for on the internet. Once you’ve done that, pitch to them! Use specific niche keywords and attract them to your site.

The more you focus on a single product, the more recognition you will get for it. Returning customers will do the word-of-mouth marketing for you! That will create unparalleled brand awareness for you.


Promote brand image

The end boss in the game of brand awareness is controlling your brand image. If you can successfully build a positive brand image, you can see a serious increase in profits. But how can SEO help you assert more control over the perception of your brand?

Optimize your content for keywords that you want to be associated with your brand most. By aligning your keyword strategy with your brand strategy SEO can become a tool to shape brand perception.

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