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Professor Ibe Asserts Position As A Champion Of Entrepreneurship Education on the Continent, Leads Ecowas’ High Capacity Team

It is widespread knowledge that entrepreneurship is central to economic development, employment creation and the upgrade of standards of living of people in different communities across the globe. This view is premised, in part, on the works of renowned economic scholars, highlighting the undertakings of entrepreneurs as powerful drivers of economic activity.

Thus, since entrepreneurship is integral to socio-economic transformation, it then becomes sensible to presume that societies which have more individuals with entrepreneurial attributes and, by extension, greater entrepreneurial activity are better positioned to make economic advancements compared to those with lesser numbers. To to this end, efforts must constantly be intensified to ensure the promotion of entrepreneurship education across societies, building an appreciable stock of creative and innovative human capital in the process.

Bringing things home in Nigeria, the task of entrepreneurship education promotion has not always been left to the Government alone- in view of its immense impact on the economic development of the nation. As a matter of fact, we have a record of prominent Nigerians, who, consistently, put in lofty works to bolster the efforts of the government of the day, in this direction

One very remarkable Nigerian who deserves a  mention, in this noble terrain, is Chief Gregory Ibe. Chief Ibe is a household name in Nigeria, particularly in education. He has always been at the vanguard of credible private sector participation in the promotion of education.-especially in engineering and mathematics (STEM) education

Through the Skill-‘G’ company, he has been able to, innovatively, incorporate entrepreneurship in education into other mainstream education arenas, particularly Business, Technical/Vocational Education, Science & Technology, Mathematics and Engineering at all levels from Primary to Tertiary- one that is immensely reshaping the landscapes.

Therefore, when, in 2017, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) saw the need to harmonise the education sector of member states, especially in the field of entrepreneurship, it was easy for it to go into partnership with Skill-‘G’ Nigeria Limited in the promotion of science, technology, technical and vocational education in Nigeria and West Africa.

Riding on the heels of this development- which saw Skill G Nig. Ltd emerge as the Education and Development Consultant to ECOWAS Commission, the Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu, has scored another humongous point, this time, he was selected to lead a team of experts that would go on an extensive tour of some member countries.

According to a well-planned schedule made available to the media by ECOWAS Commission, the first part of the fact-finding tour will take the technocrats from Skill G and some officials of ECOWAS to three-member nations commencing from Guinea-Bissau.

While in Guinea-Bissau, the team will visit and hold strategic discussions with the President of the country, Umaro Sissoco Embalo, Prime Minister, Nuno Gomes Nabiam, Speaker of the National Assembly, Cipriano Cassama, and Ministers in charge of Economy, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Education, Finance, Fisheries, Vocational Training, Defence, Women and Family.

The very tight schedule also includes meetings with Resident Representatives of the World Bank and UNDP and field visits to such cities as Bafata and Cacheu.

It is believed that the seven days Guinea-Bissau trip will enable Prof Gregory Ibe led team to collate and propose interventionist strategies that will assist in reviving the economy of the country leveraging entrepreneurial empowerment while deploying the Skill G Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) modules.

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