Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Salvation ministry building collapses: How my son and I escaped death.

Mr. Marvelous Pius and his son ,who were  attendee’s , and  survivors of the  church building collapse , in Delta state shared his survival story with Gnbnews .

Speaking with Gnbnews, he said:

Salvation Ministries were having 21 days fasting and praying programme which started on Monday and on Tuesday of the incident was the second day. I was in the church with my family the first day , so the second day being Tuesday , i decided to go with my First son, and  it was as though i was having the sign  that something was going to happen ,i asked my son to sit close to me .

The service was already over , it was about time blessing the communion . {the church building is a story building an i was on the first floor}. The whole incident was  like a movie , as  though someone entered a lift, but this lift wasn’t taking you down but rather taking you down, the building collapsed completely, there were lots of casualties , people died , children died he said.

I saw death with my eyes but God saved me, God saved me , he repeated.

My son came out unscratched, i  just had some scratch, from wedging an objecting almost hitting my chest, he said .

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