Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Adesuwa was a beautiful princess and daughter of Ezomo N” Uzebu of the ancient Benin kingdom during the reign of Oba Akengbuda in 1752. She was famous for her unrivalled beauty in Benin Kingdom. Adesuwa the beautiful daughter of Ezomo was betrothed to Oba Akengbuda the Oba of Benin.

One fateful day, the newly installed obi of Ubulu-Uku (Obi Olise) who came to Benin to pay homage to the Oba of Benin stopped over at Uzebu the palace of the Ezomo N’ Uzebu who was the father of Adesuwa. Obi Olise of Ubulu Uku was arrested by the uncommon beauty of Adesuwa on setting his eyes upon her when she brought kola nuts for the august visitor.

Like the epic tragedy of Troy, Olise plotted to get the fair princess to his harem. He approached the princess later and feigning contingencies, bought a number of goats from her which he promised to pay as soon as he got back to his abode.

However, he reneged on his promise over many market weeks, and by the power of great SORCERY prompted Adesuwa to embark on the ill-fated journey of debt recovery.

Against all advice, Adesuwa arrived Ubulu-Uku to the delight of Olise. Obi Olise indulged Adesuwa to abandon her quest for payment for her goats since he had all along planned to add her to his harem of women. He proposed marriage to the beautiful Princess.

To this, Adesuwa felt insulted and set her tongue loose, and without control, lashed out at Olise, raining abuses and insults on him even before his chiefs. Apparently enraged by her running mouth, Olise instantly beheaded Adesuwa with a matchet . The maid who accompanied her on the ill-fated trip to Ubulu-Uku ran as far as her legs could carry her to Benin to announce the gruesome and grievous murder of Adesuwa.

Feeling personal grief, Oba Akengbuda mobilized the kingdom’s armies and other vassal warriors to subdue Obi Olise and have him executed by beh*ading the Obi.

Troops under the command of Imaran Adiagbon and another contingent under the Enogie Emokpaogbe the Agboghidi of Ugo, husband of Emokpolo were sent to Ubulu-Uku, to avenge the murdered princess .

After several battles, the town of Ubulu-uku was captured and the head of the Obi was brought to Benin.

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