Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Top 10 Most Powerful African Passports In 2021

African Union and many of the continent’s economic organizations have made several attempts to create a visa-free African passport but failed due to fear of terrorism, illegal migration, smuggling, the spread of disease and negative impacts on local job markets.

According to the Henley Passport Index, we compile this list of the 10 Most powerful Passports in Africa in 2021, for Africans and potential travellers who may want to leverage them for visa-free countries.

To begin with, you cannot dispute the importance of learning the strengths of passports that is the solution that this article stands to provide.

Globally Japan maintained the number one position of the most powerful passport while in Africa, South Africa takes the top spot.

Find below Africa’s most powerful passports in 2021

  1. South Africa

    South Africa is number one in Africa and 54 globally in the 2021 index. The country’s position on the index has been fluctuating. It debuted at the 37th position on the index. South African passport holders can visit 101 countries without a prior visa.

  2. Botswana

    Globally Botswana ranked 62 and is second in Africa. Holders of Botswana’s passport can travel to 85 countries without a visa.

  3. Namibia

    The landlocked country is ranked 68 worldwide and number three in Africa. A Namibian passport holder can visit 77 countries with no prior notice.

  4. Lesotho

    The country encircled by South Africa is the fourth most powerful passport in Africa and 69th globally. A Lesotho passport holder can visit 76 countries without a visa.

  5. Eswatini

    The Southern Africa country is 71st on the global rank. Its passport holders can travel to 74 countries without a visa.

  6. Malawi

    Malawi is ranked 72 on the index. Its passport holders can access 73 countries without a visa.

  7. Kenya

    The East African country ranked 73 on the global list. However, the power of the Kenyan passport has declined over the years. From ranking 52 in 2006 to now ranking 73. It has visa free arrangements with 72 countries.

  8. Tanzania

    The home of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro ranked 74 on the global index. Its passport holders can access 71 countries without a visa.

  9. Tunisia

    The North African country is also ranked 74 on the index. Its passport holders can visit 71 destinations without a prior visa.

  10. Zambia

    Zambia is also ranked 74 on the index. A Zambian passport holder can travel to 71 countries without a visa.

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